3rd Party Location Data, pulled from many web sources, is riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Vicinity does things differently… 

Our proprietary technology allows us to pull 1st Party Location Data directly from users across our publisher network. We determine, classify, and save 160 million data points per month, allowing us to profile and target audiences better than anyone else in the industry. 

This is the Rolls Royce of location data products.

1st party location targeting means users only see relevant content based on their location, which we can accurately pinpoint via GPS right down to street level. In fact, we’re proud to say our location targeting has been independently verified by Location Sciences as 100% accurate.

Relevant, real-time advertising, delivered at exactly the right moment to local users.

Think of it as a highly relevant, opted-in dialogue with your audience.

Vicinity’s ads don’t look like ordinary display banners because our creative executions are engaging and integrate the distance to the offer. Our ad units display distance to retailer, time to location, suburb, store name, or a custom message per location – right in the banner.

The banner execution is personalised for the individual based on their location, and our distance window in the ad can be fully customised to suit any brand’s corporate identity.

This landing page encourages further customer engagement and acquisitions. Customers are given different choices for how to engage with the brand on the page, and aren’t limited to one form of interaction. All engagements are tracked and reported on, right down to store level. 

The page can be customised to reflect a brand’s corporate identity, and gives a brand the option to include multiple and almost unlimited interactions, from navigation and lead forms, to save the dates or social media sharing.

Brands will also have few to no drop off in users because the page is mobile-optimised with no latency, scoring almost 100% in the Google Page Speed test.

We can apply the precise location targeting parameters used for our banners to your mobile video ads too. That magical ‘distance to offer’ message that’s had such success in our banner ads is also included here, superimposed over the video during play.

100% accurate location based targeting is a global first in the mobile video space. There’s also scope for geofence expansion to province level or at a national level to increase campaign scale and audience reach.

This tool generates a visual report of marketing insights on a map with different viewing options. It taps into ‘big data’: the 160 million coordinates we look up and process monthly. This 1st Party Location Data is the epitome of quality, sourced directly from opted-in users across our premium publisher network.

With the Visualiser, audience profiling and targeting is optimised as you filter data searches by publishers, campaigns, time periods, in-market segments, clicks, engagements, impressions, Google points of interest, or custom location points from our database.

From day one, we’ve been gathering data. Initially in small quantities, but now at up to 160 million data points per month. Instead of rushing our audience targeting product to market, we decided to wait until we had the data and the technology to laser target your audience. After 4 years of data gathering, we are now ready to narrowcast at scale.

Types of targeting:

  • Retarget Current Engagers
  • Retarget Past Campaign/Brand/Sector Engagers
  • In-Market Targeting
  • Visit Retargeting

To optimise your message at store level, we monitor campaigns by the hour, because different brands, product sectors, and locations perform differently across publishers.

Vicinity has over 100 premium publisher partners: the volume of choice adds a powerful optimisation layer. Campaigns can be further optimised by top-performing publishers, placement, time of day, days of week, and by manipulating geofence sizes when needed, targeting only those nearby, relevant users with high interest levels.

We pride ourselves on our store level statistics, giving you valuable feedback on impressions, clicks and engagements.

Better still, our expert Campaign Managers will provide you with an in-depth analysis based on these stats. They’ll take you through the campaign’s performance to give valuable, actionable insights on what worked, what didn’t work, and where you can make adjustments.

Near Me has streamlined local search in a new, more intuitive way – it’s a smart local search tool that can be easily integrated on any mobile site or app, where it serves as a ‘mini search engine’ for nearby businesses.

Near Me prioritises ease of use with recognisable category shortcuts and distance in real-time. Users click on a category and the five nearest locations drop down. Brands have the opportunity to own shortcuts, offering massive awareness and engagement in a prime position. As part of our data strategy we are collecting intent data daily to better target your audience.

Localised, relevant, useful and scalable. Near Me already has a user base of 5 million.